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We adhere to the enterprise spirit of "creating the future with quality", and business philosophy of "quality-oriented, to gain trust with sincerity, to take into account of technology, management, quality, and environmental protection equally", and constantly realize innovation and transcendence.

As a member of China Foundry Association-Wear-resistant Materials and Castings Branch, the company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management certification, and established and implemented a comprehensive product quality management system. With a number of core patented technologies, a total of 61 patents have been authorized, including 2 invention patents.

High-Tech Enterprises    Excellent technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises

China Foundry Association Membership Certificate    Municipal Technology Center

Discharge permit    A Split Fixed Jaw Plate for Jaw Crusher

ISO    A Bowl Liner with Improved Lug Structure

An Improved Sprue Riser Interface    An Improved Heat Treatment Pool Water Cooling System

A Impeller Parting Cone for Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher    A High-precision Anti-deformation Wear-resistant Ring

A Wear-resistant Liner    A Method for  Screen Teeth Manufacturing

A Module for Correcting Cones    Sand Maker Upper Guard Plate with Wear-resistant Layer

A New Type of preformed Opening for Heat Treatment Furnace Door    A Pre-embedded Thread Anti-oxidation Treatment Process